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Mike Vogel  

"She’s the greatest! Lynette is a miracle-worker – she accomplishes more in one month than most teachers do in years! Her technique and her teaching inspired me to be the actor I am today. She makes you strong – and she’s tough in a good way."

Mike Vogel - Screen Actors Guild Award Winner for "THE HELP", ABC TV's Under the Dome, BATES MOTEL - TV Series - Lead Actor, Pan-Am - ABC TV Series - Lead Actor, BLUE VALENTINE, THE GRIND, POSEIDON, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, CLOVERFIELD, HAVOC, SISTERHOOD OF TRAVELLING PANTS etc ~ 12 major roles in Feature Films plus 6 TV SERIES LEADS since studying with Lynette 11 years ago...

Mike Vogel


Dichen Lachman  

"Lynette taught me everything i know about the craft. She took me from zero to working on a international show in 1.5 years. But be prepared to work hard, be honest with yourself, leave your ego at the door and listen. She is truly great and inspiring." - Dichen Lachman

Hawaii Five-O TV Series - Amy Hanamoa (2010), Dollhouse - FoxTVSeries - Sierra-supporting Role - 2008 - 2010. NCIS: Los Angeles - Allison Pritchett / Allysia Takada (2010),. Neighbours - Katya Kinski - Network TV Australia - Contract Role. Feature Films: Bled - Aaren (2008), Aquamarine - Bethann (2006).

Dichen Lachman


Bren Foster  

"It was my pleasure and an absolute blessing to cross paths with Lynette. To this day I look back and I am so grateful for the many hours and months I spent working with her. Lynette touched my heart as a teacher and gave me a deeper understanding of my craft, she was simply amazing!!! Lynette took me to a higher place in my work and encouraged me to risk and work from my heart. For any serious actor who wants to work, discover and grow then Lynette is the teacher for you! All you have to do is trust her and the sky is the limit. She played a major role in my success".

Lead Actor - feature film - FORCE OF EXECUTION, BAD TO THE BONE Lead - Bone, DAYS OF OUR LIVES - Lead Role - Quinn, AUST Feature Film - CEDAR BOYS - supporting role - Jamal Ayoub , EXILE TO BABYLON -supporting role - Klitos, War Flowers (post-production) - John Ellis (2011), Fight Science (TV series) - Bren (2008 - 2010), Sea Patrol (TV series) - Lieutenant Cliff Bailey, The Strip (TV series) - Russell Keegan (2008), Home and Away (TV series) - Tony / Alex (2005 - 2008), East West 101 (TV series) - Guy (2008).

Bren Foster


Jordi Vilasuso

"Lynette's training and insight provides the creative environment for me to reach my highest potential as an Actor. She constantly teaches and guides me to go even further than I ever dreamed I could. Her classes are always exciting!"

EMMY-Award Winner for CBS's GUIDING LIGHT, Currently playing Dr. Griffin Castillo on All My Children, Guest Star on NBC's Parks & Recreation

Jordi Vilasuso


Ksenia Solo  

"I appreciate and am grateful for the time I spent studying acting with Lynette. I went to New York in search of interesting and innovative acting classes and I found Lynette Sheldon - I instantly fell in love with her passion and her original approach. She really knows how to challenge her actors and help them grow at a very fast speed. She helped me break out of my comfort zone and discover a whole new bag of tools. She taught me how to play a 'bitch' really well". After taking Lynette's classes, I gained more confidence as an actor. She's a wonderful and very gifted teacher".

Black Swan - supporting role - Veronika, ballerina, 2011 The Factory - Emma, Nikita - T.V.Series - Irina and Alexandra, 2010-2011 Life Unexpected - Natasha Siviac - TV series. Two time winner of Gemini Awards for Best Young Actor in Canadian Series - Renegade Press.

Ksenia Solo


Zoe Ventoura  

"Lynette inspired, challenged and pushed me to strive to b e the best actor I could be. To be brave, take risks, have confidence and most importantly - to do the work! She instilled a work ethic in me that I carry on to the set or stage with me every day. She taught me Acting from my beginning. She is a brilliant and insightful Acting Teacher and Coach!"

YOU CANT PLAY THE GAME IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE RULES - Lead Role - Aust Feature Film, FATAL HONEYMOON - co lead w/ Harvey Keitel - U.S. F/Film, DRIVE HARD - TV, WILD BOYS co-Lead - Channel 7 TV Series, PACKED TO THE RAFTERS co- Lead - Channel 7, GRIND - Lead Aust SBS TV, LAST MAN STANDING - Recurring Role - Aust Primetime TV Series. AN UNFINISHED ROMANCE - supporting role - SEE NO EVIL - both Aust Feature Films. GREASE - Cha Cha , Aust National Tour.

Zoe Ventoura


Adam Joe Fiorentino  

"Lynette is a motivating and insightful teacher. She helped me find the emotional barriers that were holding me back in my work, and gave
me the technique which allowed me to fully develop my acting potential. She helped me become a more confident actor, one willing to take risks."

Mary Poppins - Bert - Lead - BROADWAY 2008. Saturday Night Fever Tony Manero - Lead - West End London & Australia. Follies - Young Ben - West End London, Mary Poppins Bert - Lead - Broadway 2008, In the City - Lead - British Television.

Adam-Jon Fiorentino


Samantha Noble

"Lynette is a great Teacher and Coach. She has trained me to have confidence, courage, joy,  truth and integrity in my Acting.  I love working with her. Her knowledge and resources are huge. She gives her all and always brings out the best in her students. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants to be the best they can be."

Lead Actress - Harper's Island / TV Pilot. Feature Films - Lead Roles: See No Evil, Harpers Island / TVPilot. The Gates of Hell, A Rock and a Hard Place. TV- The Untouchables, No Expectations, Possession and All Saints.

Samantha Noble


John Fico

"Lynette Sheldon changed my Acting and my Life! She taught me how to create, trust, and honor my own artistic process. I use her techniques and inspiration every time I audition or perform. Her exercises connected me with my true creative self.."

New York FLEA THEATER - SCREEN PLAY, World Premier - A.R. Gurney, Iron Curtain - The Musical (Off Broadway), MADE FOR EACH OTHER - Solo Show, Awarded 5 Stars - EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL 2013, The Most Ridiculous Thing You Ever Hoid (NYMF, Winner: award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Musical), Web Series

John Fico


"Don't walk--RUN there!  Lynette's classes are awe-inspiring, and a true MUST for every actor.  I could not have done it without her!"

~ Leslie Giammanco ...  Madame Giry, The Phantom of the Opera, Broadway and national tour; Actress/Opera Singer/Recording Artist.

"Whether you are a beginner or a pro, if you want to make personal breakthroughs as an actor, work with Lynette.  Her uncanny ability to zone in and identify an actor's inner barriers will help you reach higher levels of achievement in your craft no matter where you stand today.  Lynette is a driven, determined and dedicated teacher and I can't recommend her highly enough."

~ Nikhil Kamkolkar ...   Actor/Filmmaker - "Indian Cowboy"

"Lynette is a tough acting teacher with a big heart and a strong technique - if you want to be the best actor you can be, and you are willing to work for it with everything you've got, then she's the acting teacher for you. She always tells you the truth and demands that you work to your fullest so be prepared to work harder than you thought possible. She has been a great coach and teacher with me!"

~ Luke McKenzie ...  Rescue: Special Ops (Australian Series) - 2011-Co-Star - Lachey:, Blind Luck - Lead - short film, Gonzales: The Movie - Lead Gary Sole: Underbelly (T.V. Series) - recurring role - Young Mick Gatto: Headland (TV series) - Graham Quinn.

"Lynette is that special kind of Teacher who offers great information and solid Acting Technique with heart. She will never let you get away with anything less than your best, and she'll be the first to celebrate your victories. Her support is always genuine and caring!"

~ Paige Davis ...  Twice Emmy Nominated Host of TLC's Trading Spaces. Oprah, The Tonight Show, The Tony Danza Show. - Broadway and National Tours - Chicago, Beauty and The Beast, Sweet Charity and The Rink

"Lynette has taken me to heights that have compelled me to do my best work! Places no other acting teacher has taken me before. She has taught me how to be real and truthful; how to live in the character and achieve a full transformation. Her support is always there when needed. She is truly amazing! I am grateful she took me on as a student!"

~ Sonia Rockwell ...  Co-star, Spread and Rock Point. TV Co-star; How I Met Your Mother, Life, Sex in the City, and Freddy

"Lynette is truly a remarkable teacher.  Her direction, insight, and passion sets you free to grow as an actor and develop the confidence to achieve without limitations."

~ Sherri Alexander ...  Samantha, As The World Turns, Cosby, The Last Patrol with Dolph Lundgren, and Layover with David Hasselhoff.

"Lynette has been an inspiration to me, she has re-awakned in me all the joy and passion that acting can bring. I constantly learn from her clases."

~ Ellouise Rothwell...  AFI Award Nominee - My Brother Jack, Lead Role Feature Film Watermark - Cannes Film Festival DIrectors Selection 2004.

"Lynette trained me to be a professional working actor.  She taught me how to live on stage."

~ Victor Pagan ...  feature films Kill the Poor (2005), Malachance, 'RXmas (2002-Abel Ferrara), Animal Factory (Steve Buscemi) with Willem Dafoe and Mickey Rourke and Young Survivor. Television guest starring roles Sex and the City, The Conan O'Brien Show and Saturday Night Live.

"Lynette taught me the power of breath!  I have achieved vulnerability, deeper emotions, and truth in my work."

~ International Film Actor - Au Secors, j'ai trent ans, Guardian Angels with Gerard Depardieu and Christian Clavier. Hercule et Sherlock. Television Series - Patron sur Mesure (2002).

"When you find a teacher who truly loves the art she is teaching, creativity is unleashed in the classroom at the highest level!  Lynette delights in her students' discoveries and fosters their creative risks with incredible insight and compassion."

~ Loretta Harms...  Writer/Director/Producer.  Award winning short feature - For Earth Below, The Sundance Channel; Producer, Gibtown, PBS Independent Lens Series.

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