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A Studio where your talent is respected and nurtured where you can grow confidently and successfully as an Artist.

Stanislavski said "Acting is living truthfully in imaginary circumstances" - this is what we teach!

Stella Adler said "Your Talent lies in your choices" - this is what we teach!

The Lynette Sheldon Actors Studio teaches Solid Acting Technique integrating the principals of Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Larry Moss, Meisner and Improvisation with Breathing, Instrument work and Script Analysis for all levels of Actors, Writers and Directors in the same Course. We apply these Techniques to Scene Study, Monologues and the Audition Process to realize your full potential, in a safe, creative atmosphere.

Actors, Writers and Directors are encouraged to develop their own Projects within the Course Structure.

We are dedicated to the 'Creative Process of Living Truthfully in Imaginary Circumstances' with courage and joy, so that every student can discover and develop their own process and become their own Artist - confidently!

* Stella Adler was the principal Teacher of Marlon Brando, Robert de Niro, Benecio del Toro, Chris Cooper, Mark Ruffalo, Elaine Stritch, Melanie Griffiths, Warren Beatty, Peter Bogdanovitch and Larry Moss as well as Lynette Sheldon.

For information and registration please e-mail us at LSActorstudio@GMail.Com